This is the first post about my project building a house on my own. I don’t have any previous experience in the building world, other than having done some large-ish bits of work on a previous workers cottage we used to own.

On my journey, I’ve often had my heart in my throat, especially when reading some of the main books on how to do a self-build. Basically, I’ve ignored what they’ve said, which is usually along the lines of: Don’t even think about taking on this kind of project on your own, it’ll just end in disaster.

They will tell you that building a house on your own without experience is the riskiest option you can take amongst the various routes to a self-build dream, that it’ll cost you more down the line and a few other things that are designed to really scare you off this path. I’m not so sure it’s that clear cut, and I’ll get to this much more.

Clearly, I set this sensible advice aside and kitted myself up with a load of tools, some old plant and machinery, and got cracking.

Little did I know when I started how really difficult this would be in reality – it’s extremely hard work. But interestingly, it hasn’t been the actual physical side of the building work that has been such hard work. It’s every else. I’ll get to all this in my future posts.

I don’t intend to write about my experiences in some kind of build sequence format like the typically books tend to do. I’m going to write about the topics that come to the fore, as and when I’m building.

I’m learning my way through all this but I hope I can add something useful in terms of how to do stuff and manage your way through the process of building alone, however large or small your project might be.

So please do join me on my journey. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ups and downs along with me, because there are indeed many!